Sneaky September

Posted on September 2, 2011


Warrior Reunion

September sneaked up in me this year.  I have realized that I have not been very productive with my blogging in the past few months.  I feel a bit guilty about it, but at the same time I feel that my detachment from this blog is a result of my continued practice of, well, detachment.  It is what this blog is about, after all.  At the same time, I have taken the responsibility of sharing my experiences with the reader.  I have grown and learned a lot through writing about my observations through the last year.

So, what’s going on these days?  Much, actually.  I’ve been very active with my new sailing hobby.  I’ve raced several times this summer and our crew has done very well.  The boat I sail with is currently in first place for the summer races at Southwest Yacht Club.

Being on the water only made me want to be IN the water and two weeks ago I began surfing for the first time in my life.  I’m not very good yet, but I can get up and have improved my paddling skills through the waves.

On the detachment front, I raided my vintage toy collection that had been stored in my parents’ house in Ventura, CA and began sorting it so I could sell it.  There are a lot of toys from the 80’s and 90’s including GI Joes, Star Wars, and tons of Baseball Cards.  I have already sold some of my collection and it was completely painless.  I thought it would be more difficult to see that stuff go.  The fact that it wasn’t just reassures me that practicing detachment has made me more aware of what is important and what I really need in life.

Another big and recent development is that I am in the process of finally selling the engagement ring that I gave my ex-fiancee.  I originally purchased it in 2006 and, even though our engagement didn’t last very long, I have had a very difficult time letting it go.  It is the last physical link that I have to her and I am comfortable letting it go.  Most of the memories of those days are like a blurry dream now and I am grateful for everything that happened, good and bad, because I learned a lot from it and made it out alive.  I know true love because of that relationship and I am thankful for the experience now that my wounds have healed.

Tomorrow (Saturday), I will sell the ring;  On Sunday, my best friend is getting married and I will be the best man;  That same night, I am driving to Las Vegas to reunite with some of my old Marine buddies from my deployment in Afghanistan.  My closest friends all agree that I should sell the ring and, interestingly enough, have all made some reference to the ring having bad karma.  I hope they are right.  I hope that the ring is the last link that bonds me to my previous relationship.  I can’t help but to think of Lord of the Rings because I feel like I am staring into the eye of a volcano, knowing what I must do, but also feeling some attachment to the pain that a powerful ring has brought me.  Tomorrow, I will finally let it go.  I will look over my shoulder for that sneaky Golum and say goodbye to “my precious”.

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