Goodbye, Groupon

Posted on February 16, 2011


Did you see those stupid Groupon Super Bowl commercials?  Yeah, so did I. My roommate and I were watching the game when the first images came on the screen and the narrator began speaking about Tibet.  We looked at each other in surprise and slight suspicion as to why such a commercial would be on during the Super Bowl.  And then…BOOM:  The Group-Bomb (I just made this up).  I was upset that a company could be that insensitive and pick on a cause that is very important to a lot of people.  Believe it or not, I do have a sense of humor, but I also believe that they could have reached their audience and stated their purpose without taking a steaming shit on the Tibetan culture.  Oh, and to make this even more special, Tibetans do not eat fish.

I have purchased several Groupons before and have generally been happy with the deals, but I can’t continue supporting a company that stomps on sensitive issues like rain forestswhales, or Tibet.  I have read their statement about the commercials (read the comments left by the readers), but I think it’s a bunch of bullshit.  They wanted shock value and they rode on the backs of these causes to achieve it.  I tried to cancel my Groupon account, but it seems that nobody on the internet knows how to do that.  There are no options or directions in the Groupon FAQ section.  Until i figure it out, I chose to unsubscribe from their e-mails and sent them a note:

“I’m not happy with your company anymore.  What was once a cool and unique experience has turned into a corporate, life-less, machine.  Your Super Bowl ads were tasteless and insensitive, but more than anything completely disconnected from morality.  You’ve lost your soul, Groupon, and it’s a shame.  Just as I am sure that this message will enter some mass-feed into a data bank which will be sorted, ignored, and left unread: You can guarantee that I will never purchase a Groupon again.  Oh, and I will be encouraging my friends to do the same.  Adieux.”

I understand that losing business from one person will not affect them, but I am hoping that others follow suit and hold big companies accountable for their actions.  It is not OK to make light of and mock the ills of the world for a chuckle and profit.  I learned my lesson:  Saving money is not worth involving myself with such a slimy company.  I won’t miss you, Groupon.  Not even a little.

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