Valentine’s Day

Posted on February 14, 2011


There’s no hiding from it:  It’s Valentine’s Day.  In case there was a slight chance that I could manage to escape any heart-shaped propaganda this morning, the grocery store poured on the love especially thick today and destroyed the possibility.  Balloons, flowers, cards, awkward stuffed animals…the works.  Surprisingly, it does not annoy me.  I am currently single, but I was never a big fan of over-fluffed faux-romance even when I was in a relationship.  Forced romantic gestures are hollow in my world.  I understand that many people are excited on this day and have certain expectations from their significant others, so let them play.  I am not bitter.  I would rather have a fake holiday to celebrate love than a regular day of social indifference.

With that said, this blog is not really about Valentine’s Day.  It has been over a month since my last blog and I wanted to share a bit about my life lately because I’m feeling good today (not quite as good as the girl in the picture, but close).  It’s Monday and I am in a bit of pain from falling on my tail bone while snowboarding this weekend.  I should be grumpy, but I am not.  I had an eventful weekend and I still feel the momentum of my accomplishments.  This is a quick breakdown of my weekend…

Saturday: Drove to L.A., dropped my car off, and then caught a ride with a friend up to Big Bear for snowboarding.  Had a lot of really good runs and worked on improving my weaknesses (toe side).  Damn near broke my ass on the last run of the day, but I was able to make it down the mountain with no other problems.  Met up with the rest of the gang, had dinner and drinks, and then drove back to L.A. and San Diego.  I got home, turned the heater on, and watched a movie on my couch before going to bed.  It was not a bad day.

Sunday: I got up a bit early for a weekend (8AM), cleaned my room, did some laundry, and then worked in the yard for a bit.  I have decided that I am going to make a Japanese Zen garden in my backyard.  I have a perfect area for it and already have a design in my head.  It is going to take a lot of work to clear the weeds out and re-landscape the section I have in mind.  It’s about thirty by twenty feet.  At noon I joined some friends and skippered a Capri 25′ sailboat in Mission Bay.  I was not expecting large amounts of alcohol to be consumed and it got a bit tense out there.  Drunk people walking around a sailboat without regard for safety frustrated me, but it was a test that will help me in the future.  I learned a lot about being a responsible skipper, keeping the peace, and navigating with absolutely no help from my crew.   I managed to dock safely and everyone enjoyed themselves (except for me).  I figured the day couldn’t get much worse and it made me less nervous about my next mission: performing a song at Desi N Friends in Point Loma.  It would be my first time playing live in almost two years.  I will write more about that experience in another blog, but the short of it is that it went great.  My life has changed once again.

My weekends have been very eventful lately and I know that things will only be more exciting in the weeks to come now that I have brought performing back into my life.  I feel that my writer’s block is slowly ending and I am thrilled about my increase in song-writing productivity.  This blog might be seeing some big changes soon.

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