Junk Mail

Posted on January 5, 2011



This was in my mailbox today.

There once was a time when you would open your mailbox and it would have letters from other people or associations you are involved with.  Long ago, people used to write on paper with their bare hands and only a single writing utensil.  Now, that once welcoming mailbox looks like a Las Vegas sidewalk.  Junk mail has been pouring into our lives for years now and created a new kind of visual pollution.  This is not a billboard or obnoxious commercial on television; this is a home invasion.  It forces the individual to physically handle the pile (and it is usually quite hefty ,too) advertising propaganda and either toss it or recycle it.  Just thinking about the amount of wasted paper makes my head hurt and heart ache.

Today after receiving another steaming pile of advertisements and coupons I decided to take some action.  I found the sources of where I was receiving this junk mail and went on their websites to opt-out.  In my case, the offenders were Pennysaver and Redplum.  I also opted out directly from the Direct Marketing Association and credit card solicitations.  Here are a few links to help with opting out of this disgusting marketing mess:

Penny Saver Mailing List Removal Form

Red Plum Mailing Removal Form

Direct Marketing Association Website

Opt Out of Credit Card Solicitations

Additional Resources from wikihow

I hope this helps.  We don’t need to accept this intrusion into our homes.  The practice of blanketing a community with advertisement has to stop.  I never asked for this propaganda and I do not support the careless waste of our natural resources.  I don’t agree with trees being cut so that I can get a coupon for a free appetizer or pizza.  Limiting the input to my mailbox will save me time and keep me free of clutter and outside influences.  It may be a small victory, but it is an important one in achieving a minimalist lifestyle.


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