A Lighter Load

Posted on December 1, 2010


My Closet

Yesterday I came home from work and greeted my wonderful dog before laying on my bed to unwind with some music as I stared at the ceiling.  It’s my usual routine.  The next step usually includes a little TV, some reading, or playing with my dog.  All these things are done outside of my room.  Why?  Because I am sometimes overwhelmed with the clutter in there.  Most of the items in my room are necessary: bed, dresser, shoe rack, computer, laundry basket, and vacuum cleaner.  However, every once in a while they start to spill out of their assigned locations and find themselves on my floor.  It seems, lately, that I have less and less time to take care of these things.  I have been out of town most weekends and busy during the week with work and church choir stuff.  Fortunately, I had some time to tackle this issue and I went to work.

The fact is, there is always time for these things.  It’s just not much fun to think about.  Interestingly enough, the feeling of minimizing clutter is very rewarding.  I always feel better after being productive.  This year’s mission has been to focus on detachment and I knew that eventually I had to apply this to my closet.  I have a lot of clothes I never wear that I keep because they remind me of a certain era in my life.  That had to change and I was more than ready.  The first items to go were clothing I received as gifts that I never wore.  The guilt was no longer there and it was easy.  Next: clothing from the ex-fiancee era, including gifts from her.  It was easier than I expected, check.  I then got rid of clothes that didn’t fit and ended the journey with getting rid of a lot of shoes.  It was all very painless.

All of the clothing is being donated to an orphanage a friend of mine is involved with.  That always makes me feel good.  I am still working through my issues with attachment.  It’s not easy.  I attach certain feelings to material items and in my mind they have a life of their own and a history that connects them to me.  The reality is that they are just things that will serve their purpose in my hands or others.  The memories will be there and if they are gone someday, then let them be gone.  Sometimes they can be anchors holding me back.

Now that my closet can breathe, I am looking forward to going back in there and getting rid of a few more things.  It’s a new day and I have to embrace that.  Purging my life of material items has been a good practice.  It felt right when I cleaned my garage and it also felt right when I took on my closet.  The picture above is of the finished product (for now, at least).  This week I will continue to get rid of more unnecessary items that I own and also do some more re-organizing.  I used to be a pack-rat, so this has all taken several months.  I am getting better at becoming a minimalist and I feel good about it.  It’s much easier to move forward when you lighten your load.

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