Fly me to The Moon: The Billboard Family

Posted on October 28, 2010


Our modern world is over-saturated and dripping with media, advertisements, political propaganda, and commercial opinions.  This is a topic that I often write about because it irks me so much.  It only seems to get worse by leaps and bounds every year.  I could close my eyes and plug my ears to avoid this pollution, but I would rather jump on a rocket ship and fly to the moon so we can start over.  Oh, these day dreams of mine are never-ending.    The latest atrocity to make me want to vacate this planet came across while reading the news.  America, there is such a thing as The Billboard Family.

Hooray for selling-out our childern!

The idea is, well, very American.  It stinks of capitalism and disregard for morality or any kind of human values.  Of course, they market themselves as your average family, with their smiling children, and playful photographs.  At first glance, they appear to be normal.  Jeans and a T-shirt, plain shoes, overweight, yup: average Americans.  They remind me of The Simpsons without the wit.  But, is prostituting your family for capital gains normal?  Is stunting your child’s creative growth and self-awareness by covering him or her in advertisements normal?  The parents insist that the children insist on participating, hence their involvement.  Oh, really?  You mean the kids want to participate in what their parents are doing?  Wow!  I guess we should hand them over the car keys!  Where is the common sense to just be a parent and tell them they cannot participate because they need to be regular kids and develop their own styles and personalities?

This idea is clearly infuriating to me.  The scenario that immediately plays in my head is that if I had children and they went to the same school as these kids, my children would be blasted by advertisements when they are just trying to play in the sandbox.  Hey, maybe even a political message.  As long as they pay for the advertisement space, right?  It’s sickening.

Last week I was reading about Canadian-born child-terrorist, Omar Khadr.  I saw a picture of a child holding a protest sign in support of Omar, the young militant that killed Americans in Afghanistan.  Am I to believe that this child supports terrorists and murderers?  The poor child didn’t even know what the hell was going on.  Her father or mother made her hold a sign and put her out in public to send a message.  The only message I received was, hey kid, your parents don’t love you.  When I got home I posted the following on Facebook:  The recruitment of children in hostilities is a war crime and the adults responsible may be prosecuted.  Why is this practice tolerated in political propaganda and protests?  A child forced to hold a sign or participate in a movement representing something he/she does not understand or agree with is child abuse, in my opinion.

Billboard Family, you are another example of failure in parenting, selling out your values, wal-mart fashion, and a complete lack of creativity.  You are, in essence, very American.  But, is this the America that could or should be?  Is it an America to be proud of?  NO.  It is the current America we live in.  So, thanks.  We are now closer to the apocalypse.