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Fly me to The Moon: The Billboard Family

October 28, 2010


Our modern world is over-saturated and dripping with media, advertisements, political propaganda, and commercial opinions.  This is a topic that I often write about because it irks me so much.  It only seems to get worse by leaps and bounds every year.  I could close my eyes and plug my ears to avoid this pollution, […]

Pat Tillman, a Bridge, and Me

October 22, 2010


On October 14th, the Hoover Dam bypass bridge was completed.  It is named after former Nevada Governor Mike O’Callaghan and NFL Arizona Cardinals star – turned Army Special Forces soldier, Pat Tillman.  I don’t know anything about Mike O’Callaghan, but I am familiar with the life of Pat Tillman.  The truth is, most Americans know […]

White-Washed Mexican

October 9, 2010


Urban Dictionary definition of White-Washed: A person of color with all white friends. They do not consider themselves as a hyphenated-American and think of themselves too good to live “in the hood”. Though a person of color, they are generally afraid of other people of color, do not date other people of color, and tend […]