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Slowing Down

September 27, 2010


One of the biggest hurdles in my quest to simplify my life’s inputs and outputs is my difficulty with living in the present.  There always seems to be a place I need to be or a chore I need to do.  My mind is constantly organizing, analyzing, and strategizing my next move.  This affects me […]

Every Day Difficulties

September 15, 2010


My world is full of distractions.  I have worked very hard to minimize them and re-focus my attention on only positive and productive things, but…it’s very hard!  It really should not be and I understand my own hypocrisy in writing an on-line blog about being disconnected from the mainstream.  I get it, I promise.  This […]

Lo-Fi Music

September 14, 2010


Lo-fi (Low-Fidelity) Music is one of my favorite  genres of music to listen to when I’m relaxing at home and, strangely enough, when I am working out.  I’m a big fan of good lyrics and independent singer-songwriters, many of which record in home studios. Lo-Fi is not necessarily a specific style of music, but instead […]

Back In The Day

September 13, 2010


Summer time in the late 80’s meant many things to me growing up:  no school, bike riding around town, going to the beach, sleeping in, and the World Wrestling Federation’s SUMMER SLAM!  Now, I know, I know, it’s incredibly bad and cheesier than cheddar, but back in the day it was awesome!  My cousins and […]

Those Old Songs…

September 9, 2010


You know, the ones that rip your heart out from your chest before kicking it against the wall.  THOSE old songs.  The songs that we can never seem to separate from the moments they remind us of.  Sometimes it’s a good thing.  There are several songs that remind me of my time stationed in NAS […]

Advantages of the Single Life

September 7, 2010


This year has been very important in my life.  I have been very successful in improving my living situation, my health, my relationships, and I am also finding more productive ways to spend my extra time.  I don’t think this would be possible if I was dating someone.  For the moment, I am grateful to […]