Farewell to the Land Lovers

Posted on August 19, 2010


Disconnecting from all the things that I see as harmful to myself and the world is going to take a lot of work and some new knowledge and habits.  This evening I cleaned out my pantry and discovered a lot of expired food items.  I don’t know why I kept them for so long.  My assumption is laziness.  I mean, there were things in there that expired two years ago that belonged to my sister who has not lived with me in about that long.  It was ridiculous!  Cleaning out the pantry seemed like a lot of work before and perhaps that is why I avoided it for so long.  Clutter used to overwhelm me.  It no longer does and the difference is my attitude towards it.  I have made it a priority to clean my home with hopes that my mind will follow.  To be honest, I have been feeling very good lately and I feel that ridding myself of clutter has helped my overall mental state.  It only took me fifteen minutes to clean the pantry.

This year, I have made great progress with detachment.  I have thrown away a lot of worthless items that had sentimental value and it has not affected me one bit.  If anything, I have forgotten what I got rid of.  It just makes me think that it was not important in the first place.  Getting rid of all these material items has made me feel lighter and much more mobile.  With this new feeling of mobility came day dreams of traveling the world.  I thought about how great it would be to get on a boat and sail around the world some day and decided that it was possible because, well, everything is possible with proper planning.

This month I began taking keel boat sailing classes at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center in San Diego, CA.  Learning to sail is not cheap.  Not at all.  I have had to give up a lot of my normal weekend activities for these lessons.  I am two weeks into it and I am very excited about continuing my lessons (I have already paid for the courses required for my US Sailing keel boat certification).  Sailing has not only been incredibly relaxing and fun, but it is now easier to picture myself sailing on some coast in South America.  The reality of that is literally in my grasp as I hold the sheets controlling the sails on the J/24 sail boat I am training on.

I am hoping that in five years I will have all my affairs in order so I can take some time off and travel on a sail boat.  My dream is to sail around the world ten years from now with no deadline or schedule after I embark on this journey.  I would have never considered this before.  There was too much to worry about.  Too many loose ends and especially too many things I would have to put in storage.  As my reliance on material items shrinks, my dreams and abilities grow.  I am perfectly OK with that.

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